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Test the Waters
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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

This is a Test the Waters Campaign

Treasure Map is considering a crowdfunding campaign; this page is meant to gather feedback before we formally launch the program and no funds can be accepted at this point. Your input is helpful in crafting the formal investment program. 

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Treasure Map, Inc is a SaaS company providing a sophisticated way to enhance workflow by offering a permanent, perpetual ledger, belonging to the client on their own, private and secure API.

Treasure Map is a next-generation workflow tool designed for organizations that need to instill confidence in business transactions that often include parties that don’t fully trust each other. Its workflow mechanisms include the right mix of security, document, communication, and task management tools to improve operational efficiency. It accomplishes this by using blockchain security technology to permanently record all events and display them back to everyone with the appropriate permission.



For organizations (Family Office)  that need to instill confidence in business transactions that often include parties that don’t fully trust each other.

Family offices can be single family, private multi-family, or commercial multi-family, and with larger offices comes more complexity, and thus the need for skilled management and reporting.  They can serve as the central hub for a family’s legacy, governance, and succession.  They can support the education and development of family members, facilitate family governance, coordinate communication, and resolve issues within the family.  A typical family office:

  • Affords structure to the management of family wealth, and establishes control and oversight of the family wealth strategy and the costs of managing investments;

  • Provides a clearly-articulated, efficient governance framework for investment decision-making, as well as family legacy and succession functions (including philanthropic foundations and initiatives);

  • Coordinates with service providers, to achieve economies of scale (especially in the case of multi-family offices) and preferential deal access and products; and,

  • Ensures confidentiality and privacy for family members.


TM’s value proposition to family offices is to provide a full-fledged system which enables secure and efficient data management in family offices.  The system creates appropriate checks and balances to prevent fraudulent activities in family offices, and also:

  • Ensures sensitive family office information stays safe and that family office assets are secure;

  • Supplements audit trails and policies with a file classification system whereby each file carries with it an identifiable tag that dictates its usage;

  • Secures the signatories’ information within the system which will enable permissioned access to the software;

  • Enables employees to share information and collaborate without sacrificing security and compliance; and,

  • Ensures that advisors maintain appropriate access as they move within the organization with access being revoked or changed when they separate or change roles.



We believe that the competition for our SaaS blockchain protocol application for family offices does not exist at this time.  After interviewing various wealth managers, trust and estate attorneys, high net worth individuals and family office organizations, there is presently NO SaaS single source design blockchain application offering in the market place at this time for Families.

Year One     $2,106,000

Year Two      $6,113,880

Year Three   $11,475,092

Year Four      $15,375,092

Year Five      $20,600,00



 $  2,106,000

 $  6,113,880

 $  11,475,092






Initial Setup





Gross Profit


 $     972,945

 $  2,965,061

 $    5,584,435

Cash Balance Beginning





Plus: New Investment





Less: Software platform acquisition





Plus: Operating Cash Flow





Cash Balance Ending





TM’s SaaS protocol application and technical service is sold directly to end-users by our in-house sales and marketing team.  TM offers customized packages of blockchain software applications, and services suited to the needs of family office owner and their advisors, both single and multi-family offices.  This includes national and international accounts and other customer groups having a common set of network requirements at multiple locations.

The average family office spends upwards of 8 million annually, of which approximately 1.5 million is spent on legal and tax work, while another 1.2 million is spent on family governance and succession planning. The cost of running family offices is estimated to have risen from .92 percent of AUM to .98, and is projected to continue rising. Family office managers will be motivated to find new ways to bring down operating costs.

  • In terms of where the family offices are headquartered, 38% are based in Europe, 34% in North America, 17% in Asia- Pacific, and 10% in emerging markets (South America, Africa and the Middle East).

  • The average family office, including both single and multi- family enterprises, has AUM of $808M. This includes an average of $697M for single family offices and $1.4B for multi-family offices (“MFOs”). It should also be noted that multi-family offices serve an average of six families, whereas single family offices naturally serve one.

  • The average family office (311 offices surveyed) spent a total of $11.4M on services in 2018. This includes $6.7M in operational costs, and $4.7M in external investment management performance and administration fees.

  • Considering the number of addressable family offices, and the average software price for data management solutions, we project that we are tapping into a $15.1 trillion target market.



The Treasure Map SaaS blockchain technology system is highly secure and scalable.  TM’s SaaS blockchain protocol systems are economical and efficient, and eliminate the need for intermediaries. Transactions are secure, authenticated, and verifiable.

TM SaaS provider that sells software applications in the form of decentralized ledger technology (DLT) to single and multi-family office customers.  Clients pay: (i) an initial, one-time, license fee, monthly maintenance, and set up are include, (ii) per member per month (“PMPM”) fees.  Under the license and maintenance fee model, the client pays a one-time upfront license fee for the right to use the software.   The license fee is sized to the number of users and functionality employed, and contains language for additional fees and increased maintenance if the software is customized or the number of users increases.


Under the PMPM model, the client pays a monthly subscription fee to use the system.  The PMPM fee is based on per node user; then each user utilized by the client.  Additional fees are charged for any software customization.


Treasure Map, Inc., SaaS Platform, PMPM model monthly fee is broken down into a monthly pricing that is based on number of nodes being use.



Monthly pricing costs:

1.) Treasure Map Platform Flat Rate of $0.43USD/HR. This Fee represents the charge for one member (one) Treasure Map component.

      Consider that 24 x 7 usage is equivalent to 720 hrs. per month.  Pricing $309 USD Member node monthly.

2.) Block Size, based on a 16 GB RAM size with 50/50 Read/Write 50/50 Random/Sequential workload.  A 16 GB block is equivalent of one (one) member write to the volume.

3.) File Storage for monthly- $122 USD.  Breakdown, $0.17/GB hourly x 720 hrs./month - $122.

4.) IP Allocation $12.00/mo.

Assume: Sr. Admin (1), Two (2) members share (1) directory.  $1.30/hr. (three nodes)

                IP Allocation                                                                             $12/mo.

                Tax 6.25%                                                                                 $58


Additional Applications:


Okta:    Monthly Active Users (MAU) per year price   $0.96

HelloSign: Monthly Active Users, per month price     $30.00

DocVerify: Electronic Notary Users, per license/month price $65.00

All included base and add services monthly price $404.96


(storage) only

First 12 months total       Total upfront              Total monthly

            $396.00                    $0.00                              $33.00

S3 Standard storage(1,000 GB per mo.)     Monthly: $23.00

 DT Inbound: Not selected (1,000 GB per month), DT Outbound: East Coast (1,000 GB per mo.)                                                                     Monthly: $10.00

Treasure Map, Inc., SaaS Platform licensing fees for users will be an enterprise fee of $1,000.00 USD (one- time charge)



  • Treasure Map, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Mirador LLC to provide current and future clients with more robust services

  • Treasure Map, Inc. has received the US Trade Mark approved registration

  • Treasure Map, Inc. has been granted the US/UE and US/Swiss Privacy Shield


Friends and Family have provided $500,000.00 to date



Treasure Map has assembled from software development, Wealth Management, Family Office, Risk Management, Investment Banking, and Wills & Trust areas of business, a team of professionals to serve our customers as follows

Stan F. Pearson II:  Founder/CEO & Partner

30 + years of experience in asset and risk management business: built a variety of successful businesses, managed teams, raised assets, and developed alternative investment strategies for Small Business owners, and pre-eminent Family Offices.

Clay Giffin: Secretary & Partner

comes from a Real Estate and Legal background. After practicing Real Estate in NYC from 1995 until 2008, he seized on the investment opportunities available 2009-onward in Las Vegas. On returning to NYC in 2015, he has focused on work in the legal field, managing the East and West Coast offices for a major multinational Law Firm, and most recently running an executive placement firm for Attorneys.  Clay graduated from Furman University in 1995 with a double major in Political Science and Piano Performance/Pedagogy.

Bob Worgaftik: Board Director/Partner CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, CLTC is President, CEO of MW Financial Group, Ltd., a general agency of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a full financial services firm he started in 1983. He co-founded Total Pension Services, Inc., MW Group Benefits, Inc. and MW Long Term Care Solutions, Inc. His areas of specialization include Investment Planning /Portfolio Construction, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Executive Benefits Design. He was elected to the Connecticut State Ethics Advisory Board under Governor M. Jodi Rell. His years of experience and extensive background in the financial planning arena, made him a perfect choice for this unique challenge

Ronald G. Lehman: Advisor & Board Director

Managing Director Investment Banking

Ron, serves as Managing Director of Investment Banking at Bruderman Brothers, LLC (Family Office) since October, 2009. Mr. Lehman directly manages all facets of the firm's transaction processes, from deal origination, to sourcing capital, to negotiating deal structures, through documentation and closing. Worked for various Bruderman entities as a buy and sell-side advisor and as a principal in several private equity transactions.

Shaun Gagnon:  President/Partner & Board Director

President & Family Member of Supersition Mountain Family Investments, LLC, entity created to make direct investments in a wide range of family businesses. Typically looking to partner with exceptional management teams sharing a passion for creating high growth and sustainable companies. Investments have ranged from - Real Estate, Medical Device, Internet Booking platforms, apps, consumer goods, professional service oriented businesses, and brick and mortar retail.

Liam Lowsley-Williams: Advisor & Board Director

Liam Lowsley-Williams currently a student at Southern Methodist University majoring in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management Information Systems. Mr. Lowsley-Williams always had a strong interest in the world of technology and engineering. Ever since his technology internship at Guadacorte S.A. in the south of Spain, his passion and love for the subject has grown exponentially and sparked his interest in a long-term Engineering career. Mr. Lowsley-Williams have always excelled in problem-solving. He enjoys modifying and working on computer programming, and generating trading algorithms.

Crissy Viera: Chief Experience Officer

Crissy is a savvy professional who has supported C-Suite individuals with the utmost integrity through communication, collaboration, and the ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities. Her vast, in-depth knowledge and experience has enabled her to provide high-level, unique solutions using various business methodologies. Crissy is a thoughtful business liaison managing people and projects, and as the Chief Experience Officer, will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the Treasure Map platform.

Norman Grill: CPA & Business Advisor

Norm Grill is the Managing Partner of Grill & Partners, CPAs and business advisors providing specialized accounting, auditing, fractional CFO and family office services, tax, and financial strategies for closely held companies and high net-worth individuals. The firm has extensive experience in private equity, technology, real estate development, service, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale/distribution.
 Norm has led Grill & Partners for over 35 years, in that time amassing a level of expertise rarely found in accounting and advisory firms today. His collaborative, find-a-solution approach has helped him create long-term, professional relationships that afford his clients access to some of the finest financial, legal, estate planning, tax, investment and retirement specialists, able to handle complex issues worldwide.

OKTA: Authentication Customer Identity

Okta will provide a digital platform and protect Treasure Map’s transitions for Family desk. Treasure

Map launched its Family Office desk, tying physical and digital capabilities together to solve administrative problems in an increasingly complex world.  Treasure Map partnered with Okta to meet the identity requirements of Treasure Map’s customer, recognizing the essential role that identity plays in connecting customer, applications, and data.




At $3M in funding: Legal: Contracts, Licensing/Registration, Trademark

  • Accounting: Client and Corporate Accounting

  • Taxes

  • Registration Fees

  • Licensing Fees

  • Administration: Marketing Campaigns and Sales Initiatives

  • Technology: Consultants, Support, Servers

Funding for the purchase of Certainty Software cost of $1.5M, increase staffing for software engineers, marketing, administration

At $5M in funding: funding for software development, security & compliance, expansion Into other markets; Legal, Financial, Accounting, and Real Estate


Treasure Map, Inc. is expected to generate $8 million of revenues in the first 24 months, providing additional working capital to fund marketing and operations. We project revenues of over $11 million and positive cash flow by the end of the third year, and well over $13 million in revenues by the mid-four year. We expect Treasure Map, Inc. to be cash-flow positive by end of the first year.



The following is a summary of the principal terms (the "Term Sheet") with respect to the proposed Convertible Note Financing of Treasure Map, Inc., a [Delaware] corporation (the “Company”). Except for the sections entitled “Expenses” and “No Shop/Confidentiality,” such summary of terms does not constitute a legally binding obligation. Any other legally binding obligation will only be made pursuant to definitive agreements to be negotiated and executed by the parties.

Issuer:                              The Company.

Securities to Issue:              Convertible Promissory Notes of the Company (the “Notes”). The Notes will be senior unsecured obligations of the Company.

Purchase Price:                  Face value.

Aggregate Proceeds:           Minimum of $_________ in the aggregate (the "Minimum Aggregate Proceeds") and maximum of $__________ in the aggregate (the "Maximum Aggregate Proceeds") excluding any convertible promissory notes or convertible debt of the Company outstanding immediately prior to the Initial Closing (as defined below).

Closing:                            Initial closing of the Notes (the “Initial Closing”) shall occur as soon as practicable after the Company has received from Note purchasers (each, a "Noteholder") funded commitments on the Notes of not less than the Minimum Aggregate Proceeds. Thereafter, during the [60] day period following the Initial Closing, the Company may close on the sale of additional Notes in one or more closings with one or more Noteholders acceptable to the Company with the reasonable approval of the Lead Noteholder. The total principal amount of the Notes issued may not exceed the Maximum Aggregate Proceeds without the consent of the Lead Noteholder.

                                       Within 20 days after the final closing of the Notes, the Company shall provide the Lead Noteholder with a complete list of the Noteholders with names, contact information, the amount invested by each Noteholder and the date on which each such Noteholder's Note begins to accrue interest.

Interest Rate:                     Annual [8%] accruing cumulative interest, payable at maturity.

Term:                               All principal, together with accrued and unpaid interest under the Notes, is due and payable on the date that is [12] months from the date of the Initial Closing (the “Maturity Date”). The Maturity Date may be extended by the consent of holders of the Notes that hold a majority of the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Notes, excluding holders who are related to or affiliated with the Founder (a “Majority Interest”).

Prepayment:                      The Notes may not be prepaid without the consent of a Majority Interest.

Conversion:                       The “Conversion Price” shall be a price per share equal to the lesser of (i) the product of 80% minus the Additional Discount (as defined below) and the lowest price per share paid by any other party purchasing the Company's common stock ("Common Stock") or preferred stock ("Preferred Stock") upon a Conversion Event (as defined below), and (ii) the price obtained by dividing (x) $___________ (the “Valuation Cap”) by (y) the number of Fully Diluted Shares (as defined below) outstanding immediately prior to the Conversion Event.


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Disclosure: this page represents Testing The Waters materials.

  1. No funds or other consideration is being solicited, and if money is sent, it will not be accepted by the company; 
  2. No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and
  3. A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.

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